storytelling art…

CUPtopia’s staff was lucky enough to bump into Cy Twombly in his hometown of Lexington, Virginia.

The April 25, 2009 encounter with Mr. Twombly just happened to be his birthday.

Cy Twombly at the Menil Collection in Houston in 2005.

Lesson / Koan : Search for greatness.

In CUPtopia’s search for utopia, Mr. Twombly’s life & work reflect 83 years of demonstrating & depicting joy to others.


The following quote from yesterday’s New York Times article by Roberta Smith describes his joy all so well.

Cy Twombly’s paintings began to negotiate strange truces between art and literature, painting and drawing (or handwriting), and looking and deciphering — often with ravishingly beautiful results. He redefined painting as an essentially glyphic, storytelling art, in which spontaneous marks almost always did double duty as signs, symbols, letters and notations, and some sense of a narrative often hovered in the background, even if it was simply about the process of making the painting.


One day is not enough time to pay tribute to Cy Twombly…CUPtopia is saddened by his death, but will be bumping into to him many times in the near future.

Raise a glass to Cy soon…and the utopia he gave all with his wonderful storytelling art.