unsolved mirror…

The installation In/odore, created and realized by diverserighe studio and located within the Courtyard of Honour in Palazzo d’Accursio in Bologna, is an intriguing utopian project exercise.

Lesson / Koan : Simply smell.

The aim of In/odore was to ponder on Nature and the artificial, on essences and synthesis, on the highly imaginative chances the world of perfumes can disclose.


Maybe behind this project there is an important matter, an other unsolved mirror utopia: the Celestial Garden and the Earthly Paradise. What if one of those flowered levels were that paradise lost that so many cultures conceive as a holy garden? And If In/odore actually compared the two images of the same utopia? It was high time we found out which paradise we had lost and what we have gained.” – Anna Barbara

In the installation a natural garden (utopia) is projected towards the sky, while on the ground an artificial garden unfolds (reality). The idea of a natural garden is represented by the hanging flowers which deny themselves to the sun, facing the ground. The artificial garden is represented by fake stems dully repeating and made of recycled odourless materials and little transparent plastic sachets filled with cloths soaked in synthetic perfumes.

While on exhibit the flowers of the natural garden lose their petals, which rain on the audience and on the artificial garden. It’s Nature herself that creates this rain so as to remind us she’s the mother of all sustainability.


In/odore deals with open spaces within the city, with their not-so-sustainable development, and it invites to think about the artificiality of parks and gardens.

The location, the Honour Courtyard of Palazzo dAccursio, has been the centre of the Bologna Municipality for ages and symbolically its the crossroads of the city’s smells. In/odore offers an olfactory experience and displays the natural/smell-artificial/odourless dichotomy.