initiate self-reflection…

Pamela Salen‘s project – Utopia is a conceptual design of a photographed installation of paper doors and shells.

Utopia, 2008 by Pamela Salen.

The shells represent the embodiment of completeness as well as sustainment. The doors represent empowerment to access, choice and freedom.

Utopia, 2008 by Pamela Salen.

Lesson / Koan : Access Adventure.

What is the greatest symbol of one’s self?

The world does not need more buildings, or better buildings.

Find the one place you want to live…and move there. Build yourself up, and access will be free to all.


Constructed Identities, 2007 by Pamela Salen.

Constructed Identities, 2007
Paper, Ink-Jet and Digital Prints
Houses: 2 x 2 x 2 in. (5.1 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm)
Map: 50 x 40 in. (127 x 101.6 cm)

Constructed Identities, 2007 by Pamela Salen.

Constructed Identities is an exploration about home as a recognition of self. Modeled after the Myers-Briggs personality typologies, 45 houses comprise the results of a survey. Each house reflects the individual participant, their Myers-Briggs score and a photograph of their living space where they feel the most themselves. The houses are grouped by typology and set within a neighborhood which represents the 16 types of personalities.

Constructed Identities, 2007 by Pamela Salen.

NOTE :, 2007 by Pamela Salen.

As an artist and designer, my goal is to facilitate a meaningful dialogue focused on the subjectivity of experience–to initiate self-reflection and to leave the viewer with something deeper than they expected. A primary theme in much of my work involves home as a concept and its contribution to the construction of identity. I investigate through paper and dimension how form, structure and objects create meaning by crafting intimate spaces for the mind and body to engage in. Furthermore, I am examining the spatial relationship that exists between duality–the interior and exterior, material and immaterial, the tangible and intangible. Through process, practice and inquiry a conversation develops.” – Pamela Salen