jump cut…

Is every film / movie utopian in nature?…or just a part of each?

Lesson / Koan : Tell the story your way.

The movie doesn’t begin until we begin to edit the film footage for the movie.” Alfred Hitchcock



Cary Grant, Grace Kelly and director Alfred Hitchcock on location in Cannes for To Catch a Thief, circa 1955.

Long after Grace Kelly, Cary Grant & Jimmy Steward are long gone from the movie set is when the really process of “storytelling” begins. For Hitchcock and so many other directors, the edit room is the utopian environment necessary for movie making. Without the ability to edit or shuffle the deck of scenes, films & movies would be a linear format for storytelling.

BUT, Hitchcock is a master too of the linear storytelling. Watch his film ROPE and count the number of edits in the entire film.