hook up…

Captain Hook” is part of an international movement of so-called yarn bombers taking an old-school approach to street art.

Captain Hook (left) and her accomplice, Vanessa XKiller, vandalize a bear statue in L.A.'s Griffith Park in the most cozy way possible: with a hand-crocheted hoodie. Stepping back to assess their handiwork, Vanessa concludes, it's "gangster cute."

Unlike most street artists who travel with spray paint or markers, Captain Hook — as she is called — works with a crochet hook and yarn.

Lesson / Koan : Hook up often.

Raised on a commune in the 1970s, Captain Hook was part of an all-girl needlepoint workforce. “You always had to be making something,” she says. “So in the houses I grew up in there were blankets, embroidered dresses and pillows … covered in needlepoint. I mean, we rocked it. We were good.


Some of the world’s biggest street artists gathered in Los Angeles in April for the opening of the Art In The Streets show at the Museum of Contemporary Arts. Mingling in the crowd might have been street art legends such as Shepard Fairey or even the ever-mysterious Banksy.

But not “Captain Hook.”

As it turns out, though, Marshal Barrena, the park’s senior gardener and the man ultimately responsible for the bear, is a fan. “It puts a little spring in your step, seeing something like that in the morning,” Barrena says.
In a county of 10 million people, if Captain Hook has succeeded in making one gardener and a few passersby stop and laugh, she feels she’s achieved her goal. And she’s already plotting her next move.


commune – noun : Captain Hook lived in a commune : collective, cooperative, communal settlement, kibbutz. ( AKA – utopia )