new sense…

In “Monuments,” Mathieu Bernard-Reymond uses existing economical charts data visualizations to render artificial architectural accidents.

Lesson / Koan : Data is designed.

It seems that the idea of ‘landscape’ is not a pastoral, bucolic one anymore but a constructed, illusive and at times even forbidding one, where human’s impact is always apparent.


Mathieu Bernard-Reymond is an artist that mixes the photographic & visual manipulation into electronic alchemy. He is working between reality & imagination in order to create a poetic, surprising world which is a reflection of the situation speculation can produce.

With the financial melt down of the moment it is all the poignant to revisit in Mathieu Bernard-Reymond’s Monuments. This series of 12 images can be read as a proposal for public sculptures remembering the financial values not every individual but at least our society at large once believed in, and bear such titles as ‘Crude oil prices 2003–2008′ , ‘Exxon Mobile 9am to 11am’ or ‘Dowjones 2005–03-08′.

Based on real data graphs Bernard-Raeymond designed (virtual) sculptures as austere and modernistic as you would expect from the corporate world and placed these in landscapes he photographed himself.


What emerges from this work is not the pure sublime that we know from the early pioneers of landscape photography, or the ecological warnings portrayed by so many others. Instead, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond demonstrates human’s often damaging presence in the world. The real impact of working & re-working both data and nature is not only creating a new kind of landscape but a new sense of beauty.