open to…

Considering yesterday’s post on the topic of water, another speculative image proposes a public arena to experience this natural element.

Swimming Manhattan.

Lesson / Koan : Pool is another name for group, open to one’s own creation.

Could Manhattan, and other U.S. cities listen to the invitation the public is waiting to receive as an act of conservation?


San Alfonso del Mar is located in Algarrobo, Chile, and opened in December 2006

The world’s largest swimming pool is 100 km West of Santiago de Chile, in the lagoon resort San Alfonso del Mar, with an artificial pool more than 1 km long. The artificial pool is almost one-fourth of the length of New York’s Central Park.


The extremes of the examples given above range from the utopian to the absurd. At a closer look, there is only one really difference between the two pool types.  The differences is Public vs Private.  Should either the utopian or the tourist experience involve buying a ticket?  The price of imagination is extreme only when taken away from the collective memory of a person, a city and a nation.

Ask yourself today, and hopefully on a regular basis, what is the really price I’m paying for this experience?

artificial :

1. artificial flowers :  synthetic, fake, imitation, mock, ersatz, faux, substitute, replica, reproduction; manufactured, fabricated, inorganic; plastic;informal pretend, phony.

ANTONYMS – natural.

2. an artificial smile :  insincere, feigned, false, unnatural, contrived, put-on, exaggerated, forced, labored, strained, hollow; informal pretend, phony, bogus.

ANTONYMS – genuine.