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The two videos below take a step by step journey through utopian cities chronologically.

The idea that what was once termed “utopian vision” has been replaced by the present day “architect’s vision”, does not mean it is any less utopian in nature.

Lesson / Koan : Zero gravity equals zero risk.

So, who are the present day utopian architects?


The search for present day examples is that Peter Cook is the last architect in the videos…his utopian vision are from the 1960’s.  Can it be that the spaceship earth has have had a forty-year gap in projective visions?… Or, is any thing & everything architects are doing with software the present day equivalent  of in-house / laptop utopias?  Considering gravity is not a problem with any digital work / BIM proposal it’s all utopian, right?

Enjoy the history lesson…

Le Città dell’Utopia (1 of 2)

Le Città dell’Utopia (2 of 2)


All the proposed cities in the videos are analog in nature.  How many present day architects work in an analog methodology before going to the building site?

The building site  is analog in nature, even with digital surveying equipment, right?

Another way to think about this vision issue could be the following :

The building this blog was written is utopian…hope one day you find it.