dull work…

The places I’m looking for, my dear, are utopian places, they are boring and I don’t know how to make them real.” – Petrit Halilaj

Petrit Halilaj, 2010. Installation View, 6th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art. Photo: Uwe Walter, 2010. Copyright the artist and Chert, Berlin.

Lesson / Koan : Dull is so positive in creative hands.

The 6th Berlin Biennale, 2010 – Titled “was draussen wartet?

( what is waiting out there ? )


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Petrit Halilaj, 2010, wood, iron, mixed media. Installation view, Kunst-Werke Berlin. From the 6th Berlin Biennale. Photo: A. Zavialoff.

The unlikely star of the 6th Berlin Biennale was 24-year-old Petrit Halilaj, from Kosovo. In the aftermath of the Kosovo conflict, Halilaj and his family have been constructing a new house in Pristina that resembles their old one but is somewhat larger and free of the memories of warfare. Halilaj shipped to Berlin rough supporting beams and lumber used to build the house, and with them he erected a large, open structure resembling an outline of a house, squeezing it into a space at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Mitte. Halilaj’s immense architectural “drawing” was breathtakingly ambitious, and felt imbued with both personal and national aspirations and anxieties. It came complete with a chicken coop, and roaming fowl sometimes wandered into Halilaj’s “house.” Elsewhere various rickety sculptures and drawings (of chickens, of the future house in Pristina) fleshed out this promising young artist’s distinctive vision.” from Art in America by Gregory Volk

Artist Petrit Halilaj (born 1986) in front of his installation for the 6th Berlin Biennale.


It is also a project for the future, because the family home was destroyed in the Yugoslavian war, with all the traumas and migration stories that are connected to this,”  “[Halilaj] is now building a house in Pristina that has no history and is future-oriented, and he has brought the insulation lumber to Berlin to build a kind of negative of his family house.