hook & ladder…

Lateral thinking can be demonstrated in many forms.  Below is a puzzle for today’s pop quiz post.

Only one rule for the quiz…1. All answers need to be in the form of comments.

The structure can be found in what city?

lateral thinking structure

The drawing / diagram of the structure looks somewhat ladder like.  In present day american football there is a play known as the “hook & ladder.”  The original name of the play was “hook & lateral.”  By either name the play is a very sophisticated arrangement which appears ordinary, until the lateral takes place.  Many players dislike the “hook & lateral” because it almost never works in practice.  The argument for lateral thinking goes far beyond the example of a game played on a one hundred yard field.  The reason being is that the players practice the plays, then perform the plays in the game.  Lateral thinking is similar but very different.  Prearranged responses to given choreographed situations are the given & accepted method of teaching in classrooms or locker rooms.  Students or players enjoy this for one reason…they has seen it before and know how to respond.  Individuals thinking in lateral terms can do something else.  The ability to “think on ones feet” or respond spontaneously is an active form of intelligence that can be learned.  ( Creativity should be producible on demand. )  So much of teaching is about the right way or the wrong way to answer a question.  Is there another way?  It’s really not about either right or wrong…it’s about getting it and really comprehending it.  One is either going to get the puzzle or not…because of one’s pragmatic, accepted thinking or because one cheats to find the answer.  The other way to answer the puzzle is in the life long question…do you get it?  If you do get it…how did you get it?  If you get it, remember someone else gave it to you long ago.


double lateral play


Edward de Bono studied at St Edward’s College in Malta and gained a medical degree from the University of Malta. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Christ Church, Oxford where he gained an M.A. degree in psychology and physiology. Mr. de Bono also rowed during his time at Oxford.

Rowing is the only sport in the world in which the players are backwards to the direction of the game for its duration.  There must be a lesson in the fact of not worrying about what is ahead on the course called life?