in the street…

There was a time, when everyone was in the street.  After the party, so to speak, everyone began to make a decision.  The decision involved which side of the street to go position themselves on.  This was very easy for some, and very difficult for others.  On the right hand side of the street was power.  On the left hand side of the street was imagination.  After a bit individuals moved in one of the two directions.  But, there were a handful who remained in the street.  These individuals were not indecisive, they were smart.  These few individuals were trying to figure out how the side of power, and the side of imagination could work together.   The common separation of power & imagination was not a given situation, but an opportunity.

The small group in the street were thinking & re-thinking this situation.  They came up with a slogan.

Does anyone know the slogan?

HINT : Commonly, individuals who live in the street are seen in a certain light.  This small group is alive and doing well.