ornate relief…

Resigning one’s self to the patterns we did not foresee. This post is not about a weather report…which seems to be the only thing anyone is talking about.

This post is about the comments that sticks with you.  Yesterday, a student said to me, “oh, so this semester, you’re just learning?” I thought about this for some time, considering I’m writing about it now?

The beauty of this comment is that learning is an acquired M.O. ( Modus operandi ).  As a method of operation, thinking about the technology we have in front of us, this is not a given or automatic situation. During the 1990’s the internet became public, etc. In the 1990’s decade, more books were sold then in all the other decades of the 20th century combine. Sounds good? But, the internet / digital shopping mall, made this possible.  The fact is, that individuals are buying more books, NOT reading more books.  All of this said, just learning it is one thing, the comprehension is the important part, in that it sticks.

Lesson / Koan : 09.03.10

Below is an example of a self-taught graphic designer.

This person is expressing a comprehension beyond a given job title.  In the work, is a display of hidden joy.  So, in your work, and I’m addressing all students, regardless of age, can others see the joy?  btw, please do not reveal the designer’s name if you know it…which, you all do?